Masuda Manabu





2021年11月 「現代仏教美術・三人展|不動」
2017年11月 「写仏」

Mandala of Toma

November 2021 “Three Contemporary Buddhist Artists: Fudo
November 2017 “Shabutsu


Manabu Masuda is working on a wire copy of the hanging scroll “Toma Mandara” owned by Tamo Jishozan Zuisenji Temple in Sanjo Ohashi, Kyoto. He is currently considering how he can include the Buddhist teachings contained in the scroll, which represents the Pure Land of Paradise. She goes to the temple once a month and bends the wire on the spot to create her work. She has completed the Amitabha Buddha, Kannon Bodhisattva, and Seishi Bodhisattva, and is currently working on the smaller Bodhisattvas around them. He continues to create without any end in sight. At the end of the year, he will hold a public exhibition.